Elements Fest 2015 :: Call for Papers

UCL Research Department of Linguistics
Elements Fest 2015

Call for Papers

Please note that the Call for Papers is now closed and we are not currently able to accept further papers.

As most of you know, here at UCL, we organise and host a workshop on Element Theory roughly once a when-it-gets-done, and that time is now.

Co-organisers: Florian Breit (UCL), Faith Chiu (UCL), Liz Eden (UCL), Nick Neasom (UCL), Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (UCL), Connor Youngberg (SOAS).

This workshop never has a chance of receiving any travel funds (though we are asking this year in vain), but if you were either in London by chance, or want to incorporate into a weekend away or holiday we would love to hear from you. 

As well as any suggestions you may have, we would love to know if you would come and/or want to lead a slot. For this, I’d need only the vaguest topic at this point, or not even if you are unsure of what you would want to say. 

The emphasis is on roundtable-like discussions following a short presentation. Realistically, we would like to have 45 minutes allocated per slot, with a maximum 30 minute presentation component.

The preference will be for 1 slot per person who wants to present, but as long as it does not take away someone’s chance to have a slot, multiple slots per person are fine.

The times that work best here are any of the days of the: 30-31st of March. 2015.

Unlike the first Elements Fest we are hoping to extend this over two days (perhaps one at SOAS and one at UCL) so that discussions can be truly in depth, not simply the two rushed questions at the end of a talk at a conference.

The first Elements Fest we organised had a huge turn-out particularly from HollandJapan. We would love to repeat that, hopefully adding France and Italy to the mix. 

We will be submitting a proposal to publishers in the hopes of securing some sort of a “Current Developments in Element Theory” deal; at least to our minds, that seems very apt since Backley’s (2011) textbook.

We would broadly like slots to fit within thematic topics, and any new topics or suggestions for splitting the topics into more specific ones are more than welcome: